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Topic subjectHe should be No. 1 b/w if anyone would go ahead maybe Russell
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2721747, He should be No. 1 b/w if anyone would go ahead maybe Russell
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Sep-29-20 01:57 PM
I don't subscribe to the argument because it is a team sport and the Celtics were generally the best team. But Russ won a lot of head to head matchups and the ones in 68 and 69 were brutal for Wilt's legacy, even if he was injured in '69. The Celtics were substantially weaker by that point, though they did also beat a great Knicks team.

Jabbar is way up there and I'd say that like Russell he had a better career in terms of team success than Wilt. But in terms of an individual player, nobody is all that close to Wilt.

LeBron this year has just blown me away. He is losing a little athletically but getting sharper all the time. He has really stepped up as a leader on defense this year, which has always been an underrated part of his game. They are really strong on D this year and they can flip the switch and just devour teams for about half a quarter, enough to turn a game. Spacing and discipline on offense is also very strong, and he has a lot to do with that, obviously.