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Topic subjectNobody but the Cs won shit in that era
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2721745, Nobody but the Cs won shit in that era
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Sep-29-20 01:51 PM
To make Wilt out like some brute ignores reality, he had fantastic touch around the rim and all sort of moves in the post. He could also run the floor much better than Cap or just about any big man. In addition to the athletic exploits you mentioned, he was also a phenomenal leaper with world-class strength (read what Arnold said about him in the gym).

Wilt was much taller than Russell and he generally wasn't playing against midgets. Look at the competition he faced and all more consistently since there were fewer teams in the league. Russell, Reed, Thurmond, et al, much stronger competition than say Shaquille O'Neal faced at his peak and even Jabbar really (though it's close). The idea that he was dunking on a bunch of 5'10" white guys is so false. I don't even bring up 61-62 because it is so surreal, how about him winning the triple crown in the late 60s and then basically doing whatever he felt like in the early 70s. He would basically not shoot until someone would write that he was losing it, then he'd drop 50 and go back to doing what he was doing. He could control a pro game the way most great players control a high school game.