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Topic subjectyup - exactly what I was saying in #45
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2721476, yup - exactly what I was saying in #45
Posted by Vex_id, Sun Sep-27-20 10:31 AM
>LeBron's Team has been in the NBA Finals... since 2011.
>SINCE 2011. The team with LeBron James in it has been in the
>NBA Finals.
>What the fuck, lol.
>8 out of 9 years in the Finals, on 3 different franchises,
>that's hilarious

I think its actually 9 out of 10 years - which is absolutely bananas.

>the other thing is that, should the Lakers win the title this
>...LeBron is going to be the recipient of two emotionally
>impactful NBA titles that will be remembered forever:
>1. Ending a Drought
>2. Mourning/Avenging a Hero During A Pandemic

It would be crazy to hold the crown for those two championships if he can win it this year. The degree of difficulty of 2016 was insane, and the symbolism of doing it this year (pandemic, Kobe, BLM etc..) would be akin to Muhammad Ali level legendary feat when he beat Foreman later in his career.