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Topic subjectThey are weak because you want them to be.
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2721119, They are weak because you want them to be.
Posted by allStah, Wed Sep-23-20 03:32 PM
The fact that you disregard the fact that Jordan was undefeated and dominated his peers, but Lebron didn’t and hasn’t, says it all. You use the excuse of them soon to being hall of famers

Well ,Jordan peers were hall of famers:


They won zero championships against him. Facts .

And you’re still wrong about pippen. You say you follow stats but you just proved that you don’t. After pippen left the bulls, he went from averaging 19-21 points a game, to 14 points a game for Houston, and his avg dropped to 12 points the year after that, to 10 points with Portland! His avg dropped by 7 points at Houston, and 11 points with the blazers! So yeah avg 14-12 points with Houston and 10 points a game with Portland, he was still comparable to his play as a bull? You said comparable...Do you know what comparable means? If not, I’ll give you a pass.

You sure you look at stats? Pippen clearly regressed immediately after his back went out , and was no longer the explosive, tenacious all around player

LoL. You said his drop off wasn’t significant

Also, you make the assumption that the game is better now, as if that gives Lebron some type of edge. That is subjective. There was rough defense back then, with hand checking and more body defense being allowed. It was way harder to score, compared to this error where little to no defense is being played, and where players lack the ability to play one on one, so a lot of teams are resorting to zones

Jordan played one on one defense everyday and won defensive player of the year ..and was the first player to get 200 steals and 100 blocks in a season, and is the only player to do it twice!

In order to be the greatest, you have be great at everything on both sides of the ball ..Lebron clearly isn’t.

Do better on your stat checking