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2721117, argument over
Posted by Beamer6178, Wed Sep-23-20 02:56 PM
>how the bulls sucked without Pippen because he was the key to
>I even pointed out how the team Pip lead without Jordan,
>started worse than the 98 bulls did and had a worse win pace
>than the bulls did when it was just Jordan in 98 for 35
>You actually said the whole year was a struggle...for a 24-11
>squad that fought age and injuries and finished 62-20 once
>they got healthy. Which was tied for the best record in the
>league with Utah.
>Struggle does not equal 'less dominant'. The bulls were still
>dominant, just less than the prior two seasons and that was
>mostly due to injuries. And they STILL had a 56 win pace with
>Jordan minus Pippen. And Jordan was 35 at the time. Pip was
>28 when Jordan left the first time. So they 'key' at age 28
>couldn't manage a better win %/pace than Jordan at age 35, all
>while having a younger team too?
>Nah, you went full bizzaro with the Pip joint.

this got bloody quickly.