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Topic subjectI know...it's hard to outgrow those GOAT goggles
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2720991, I know...it's hard to outgrow those GOAT goggles
Posted by auragin_boi, Tue Sep-22-20 12:21 PM
But i'm telling, things can coexists.

Mike can be the GOAT AND a quitter...because he was. He quit on Doug Collins in game 5 of a playoff game. I gave you proof: stats, video and an article to support it in post 63. Ignore it all you want, Jordan quit and costed the Bulls a shot at putting the pistons down and making it to the finals.

Explain how MJ takes 8 shots in a playoff game. I'll wait.

I know he's our young adulthood hero from a hoops perspective but truth is truth. And no matter how you try to spin it, quitting is quitting no matter the reason.

IT3 lost his sister in the middle of a playoff run during a contract year. Took a game off, came back and played...through an injury. KAT just lost his mom to Corona. Kwame Brown lost his mom in 2009, Wayne Ellington's father was shot and killed in 2014, Tremont Waters' dad died of suicide last summer.

^^^None of these guys quit/retired after. *shrug*

>Mike a quitter. You want to push your narrative no matter how
>illogical your retorts are.
>You are comparing Mike losing his father to other basketball
>players losing a loved one.
>Mike’s Father was murdered, and his father was his

Look up...even got a murder for you. A fellow Tarheel at that.

>Mike is and was a lot of things, but a quitter he is not.
>However, you have every excuse in the book for Lebron quitting
>on his teams after losing.
>I can’t take you seriously anymore after those comments.

You're irrational because you're a fan. It makes sense but you're wrong. Facts trump emotion all day, everyday. Your opinion of what someone is or isn't doesn't make it true.

Jordan retiring = he quit. He's no longer working, quit his job.
I work in HR. We designate anything by firing as a quitting, even retirement because it was a voluntary decision by the employee. Not forced.

>And the comments regarding Pippen are way off as well. After
>Pippen’s back gave out, he was no longer tenacious on
>defense or as prolific like he was during the championship
>runs. Had Houston and Portland had that type of Pippen, they
>both would have won championships.

If you say so...but the stats don't support this.
He played 40mins a game in the 50 lockout games (played ALL of the lockout games too) for the rockets and all his stats were fairly consistent to his Bulls stats sans scoring because he shot less in the Hou offense. Stls, blks, all consistent, rebs and ast were up. Next season with Por was a slight drop off but nothing drastic and he was playing 33mpg so 7 mins less. Drop off makes sense.

You just talk with no research or context. I watched those games and I have stats to back it up. You just talk.

>It’s quite obvious you are going to support Lebron
>regardless of how tarnished
>his career is as a basketball player compared to Michael
>Jordan’s career. Jordan’s efficiency in winning titles,
>generating statistics, and dominating his peers are and will
>never be matched by Lebron. Mike dominated his era when he
>became champion.

Jordan was great. He is my GOAT. LeBron is great. The totality of his body of work if he wins 5 titles in 20yrs, playing at his current level, in the 2nd golden age of the NBA, against THIS competition while going to the finals 12 times...yeah, I could say he's the greatest to ever do it.

>Lebron didnt. Dirk, Duncan, Steph, Kawhi, and KD all snatched
>titles from him. I’m going to leave it out on that.

Yup...probably 5 of the 30 greatest players to ever play. At least 3 of those guys will be top 15 when their careers are over. One is arguably top 10 and the other has to be top 30-40.

>And as far as Kareem goes, he was drafted by the Bucks
>organization, and won a a championship with the organization
>before moving on to LA. He didn’t recruit players
>or seek to build a big three , and he didn’t quit after
>losing a title to join another team. He got better and avenged
>his championship losses on the same team

He didn't have to. The NBA didn't have a lottery so the Lakers got gifted franchise players to put next to him. And Kareem lost to a great team, just like LeBron did. *shrug*

The NBA in 2010+ is not the NBA in 1979 or 1989. Norms change. Stop whining about it.

>So I salute you with a peace , and I’m out.

You should be with these weak ass arguments.