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Topic subjectDamn the way people are overlooking Wilt is just too much
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2720990, Damn the way people are overlooking Wilt is just too much
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Sep-22-20 12:19 PM
Wilt>Kareem and it's not even close. And don't give me this "players you've seen bullshit" because the handful of us who saw the ass end of Kareem's career didn't see any goat; his best years were in the 70s and early 80s. It is ridiculous that a guy who sonned the deepest competition in the history of the league at center and was a statistician's wet dream in the process is getting this level of oversight and disrespeect.

As for LeBron, yeah, he has BEEN in the GOAT conversation. To me he established himself as the best player since Jordan in 2007 and it's only taken off from there. Even before his first title he was in the goat convo and obviously he's won two more since (including the tour de force with Cleveland) and been to seven more finals over all.

To me you have a pretty clear all-time starting five with a twin tower Wilt/Kareem up front, LeBron at the 3, Jordan at the two and I'd argue Oscar Robertson rounding it out. That's intriguing at a time when other all-time teams and lists are really up for debate because of the quality and depth of talent in the league in recent years.