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Topic subjectNow I can’t continue you on because you keep calling
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2720988, Now I can’t continue you on because you keep calling
Posted by allStah, Tue Sep-22-20 11:20 AM
Mike a quitter. You want to push your narrative no matter how illogical your retorts are.
You are comparing Mike losing his father to other basketball players losing a loved one.
Mike’s Father was murdered, and his father was his everything.

Mike is and was a lot of things, but a quitter he is not. However, you have every excuse in the book for Lebron quitting on his teams after losing.

I can’t take you seriously anymore after those comments.

And the comments regarding Pippen are way off as well. After Pippen’s back gave out, he was no longer tenacious on defense or as prolific like he was during the championship runs. Had Houston and Portland had that type of Pippen, they both would have won championships.

It’s quite obvious you are going to support Lebron regardless of how tarnished
his career is as a basketball player compared to Michael Jordan’s career. Jordan’s efficiency in winning titles, generating statistics, and dominating his peers are and will never be matched by Lebron. Mike dominated his era when he became champion.

Lebron didnt. Dirk, Duncan, Steph, Kawhi, and KD all snatched titles from him. I’m going to leave it out on that.

And as far as Kareem goes, he was drafted by the Bucks organization, and won a a championship with the organization before moving on to LA. He didn’t recruit players
or seek to build a big three , and he didn’t quit after losing a title to join another team. He got better and avenged his championship losses on the same team

So I salute you with a peace , and I’m out.