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2720982, Fam, you are all over the place
Posted by auragin_boi, Tue Sep-22-20 10:33 AM
>gave out like they feared it would. Pippen was never the same
>player after that.

This happened AFTER the bulls and even then, Pip was good enough to take Shaq and Kobe to 7 in the WCF in 2000, yet not good enough to keep going with the Bulls? And even so...Pip was 32 and the end of the Bulls dynasty, him at 33/34 and Jordan at 36/37 lose to either the Spurs or Lakers the following two years and people would just say, they aged out. I personally think they were good enough for 1 more.

>No. His career can’t compete with theirs because of the
>simple fact of him needing to jump to different squads and
>acquiring other MVP players to win. Mike never or needed to do
>that, neither did Kareem.

Fact #1 - LeBron James has played with no other league MVP. Never. Not once. A finals MVP, but not league.

Fact #2 - Kareem's team won 47 games (lakers) and he won MVP and then got the #1 pick via coin flip to get Magic Johnson (who said he would have gone back to Mich St had the other team in the coin flip, The Chicago Bulls, had won it). He also played with Oscar Robinson when he won his first ring in Mil...then he changed teams. Also, the Lakers during their dynasty got Worthy #1 pick in 1982. So a playoff team with the MVP got two #1 picks in 3 yrs.

To put that into context. Lebron won his first MVP in 2009. The Cavs lost to Orl in the ECF that yr. If the Cavs had gotten the #1 pick that year, they get Blake Griffin. If they get the #1 pick 3 yrs later, they get Anthony Davis.

Yeah, that's the type of team Kareem had. He didn't HAVE to leave.

>Had he stayed with Cleveland the second time, then ,maybe, his
>ascension would be more appreciated. However, when he lost, he
>left again. Now that’s a quitter.

Clev sucks as an organization, is small market and cheap with a crappy owner. No way they build a team strong enough to support a consistent title run with him there. Plus, nobody wants to live in clev when they can live in Miami, NY, Chi, LA, SF, etc

>Mike didn’t quit. Mike’s father was killed, and he needed
>to step away, or maybe he was actually suspended for gambling.
>Either or, he didn’t quit because he lost. He went out on
>top after each retirement.

I just highlighted an instance where Mike quit while losing. *Shrug*

People in the NBA have lost close family and parents. They didn't retire due to it in the prime of their careers (he was 29!!!!). That was Jordan's fault all to his own.

>Lebron quit after losing twice.

LeBron still playing. Dragging his 3rd franchise to the promised land. Won a title in Clev man. WHO WINS A TITLE IN CLEV?!?!?!

>Come on.


>Also, Mike’s stats would have been even greater than what
>they were. He won 10 scoring titles. That would have easily
>been twelve.

Would have. But he quit.

>Mike played 13 years as a Bulls player, and that was the only
>team he went to the playoffs with. Lebron has been in the
>league for 17 years, and he is just breaking those Jordan
>playoff totals. It took him 17 years to do something that
>mike did in 13 years. Mike won 6 titles in 13 years. He was a
>champion for six of the 13 years he was with the Bulls. Lebron
>has won 3 titles in the 17 years he has been in the league,
>all while setting up the teams the way that he wanted them to
>Lebron is not an equal

LeBron has played at this level for 17 straight years. Was anointed before he ever played in the NBA. Dragged teams of garbage and Drew Carey Show extras to the Finals only to be bested by better teams. Took his lumps, took control of his career, stumbled and learned how to win. Faced Dirk (MVP/Finals MVP), Duncan 3x (generational talent MVP, Finals MVP, multi champ) Durant, Harden and Westbrook (all MVP's, a multi Finals MVP), Steph/Klay/Dray (multi MVP, best shooters in the history of the game and a DPOY), in his trips to the finals.

Gonna win some and lose some. Especially when their teams are better. I'd say Bron probably faced the most illustrious group of Finals comp since the Lakers/Celtics teams and even then, it was just two francises.

This might actually be the least decorated finasl opponent he's ever faced if he wins this yr lol

Bron went to the finals 9 times man. NINE. 8 in a ROW and didn't get a major injury. BALLED. And he broke some Jordan records earlier in his career. Set some of his own that Jordan doesn't hold (see Vex's list). And yes, some have take longer than others.

It is what it is. But Bron absolutely deserves to be in the convo.