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Topic subjectThe literal definition of retire is to quit lol
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2720976, The literal definition of retire is to quit lol
Posted by auragin_boi, Tue Sep-22-20 09:57 AM
>Jordan quit?
>Jordan retired and was possibly suspended. And had he not
>retired, Horace definitely
>would have still been there.
>No one has ever said Jordan quit. No bulls fan has ever said

Did you watch the last dance? Horace and Jordan had a rift. I don't think Horace stays even if Mike is there. ESPECIALLY if he already had 4 rings and the Magic were gonna pay him more. And there was this:

"One of the reasons Grant left the Bulls was his desire to get more involved in the offense. Phil Jackson saw him exclusively as a rebounder and defender, doing a lot of the dirty work. And Grant wanted to do more. He averaged 15.5 points per game on a career-high 12.5 field goal attempts per game in that 1994 season."

That ain't changing if Jordan is still on the team. Also, take off them GOAT goggles fam. We actually sussed out an instance of Jordan quitting on his team during the Kobe wars here. LB'sfinest got 'em. I couldn't even argue it. He quit cold on Doug Collins' next to last game with the Bulls (prolly lead to his firing).

Jordan didn't want to run point after doing it for a few months at the end of the 89 season. In game 5 of the ECF against the Pistons later that season, Doug pressured Mike to be PG and pass more.

Mike was on fire that series. Then got asked to pass. So what did Mike do? Take 8 shots. Yup. 8. In a playoff game, in a series that was tied 2-2 in which the Bulls were leading the whole series and Pistons had to tie it up.

Game 5 changed it all. Bulls were leading, Pistons made a second half run, Jordan...didn't shoot. Wanted to prove the point that he was the best scoring option.

He quit. They lost.

Next game, Jordan took 26 shots (handed out 13 assist too). Didn't matter though because the Pistons seized momentum, beat the Bulls in 6.


So while MJ might be the GOAT, he has his flaws man. Let's not act like he doesn't.

He quit in game 5. He quit in 1993 and he quit in 1999. Then quit for good in 2003.