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Topic subjectco-sign, I think Last Dance deaded the 8 in a row convo
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2720941, co-sign, I think Last Dance deaded the 8 in a row convo
Posted by pretentious username, Mon Sep-21-20 05:21 PM

>On top of that, we can't say 8 in a row because we don't know
>if the personnel decisions would have been the same had Jordan
>stayed. I think 4-5 in a row would have been a given. Or
>maybe they split with Houston, are forced to make changes and
>then run off another 3. Don't know, didn't happen, Jordan's

it was pretty clear that team was not gonna hold up for 8 titles in a row. Just impossible. Splitting with the Rockets seems like the most likely scenario, but then how do those years affect the following 3? Plus whose to say there isn't a massive injury that throws off everything?