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Topic subjectNah bruh...you all up and down that post talking about
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2720935, Nah bruh...you all up and down that post talking about
Posted by auragin_boi, Mon Sep-21-20 04:34 PM
how the bulls sucked without Pippen because he was the key to everything.

I even pointed out how the team Pip lead without Jordan, started worse than the 98 bulls did and had a worse win pace than the bulls did when it was just Jordan in 98 for 35 games.

You actually said the whole year was a struggle...for a 24-11 squad that fought age and injuries and finished 62-20 once they got healthy. Which was tied for the best record in the league with Utah.

Struggle does not equal 'less dominant'. The bulls were still dominant, just less than the prior two seasons and that was mostly due to injuries. And they STILL had a 56 win pace with Jordan minus Pippen. And Jordan was 35 at the time. Pip was 28 when Jordan left the first time. So they 'key' at age 28 couldn't manage a better win %/pace than Jordan at age 35, all while having a younger team too?

Nah, you went full bizzaro with the Pip joint.