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Topic subjectNo Jerry couldn’t keep it going, because Pippen’s back finally
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2720934, No Jerry couldn’t keep it going, because Pippen’s back finally
Posted by allStah, Mon Sep-21-20 04:28 PM
gave out like they feared it would. Pippen was never the same player after that.

No. His career can’t compete with theirs because of the simple fact of him needing to jump to different squads and acquiring other MVP players to win. Mike never or needed to do that, neither did Kareem.

Had he stayed with Cleveland the second time, then ,maybe, his ascension would be more appreciated. However, when he lost, he left again. Now that’s a quitter.

Mike didn’t quit. Mike’s father was killed, and he needed to step away, or maybe he was actually suspended for gambling. Either or, he didn’t quit because he lost. He went out on top after each retirement.

( In Washington he was an executive/player)!

Lebron quit after losing twice.

Come on.

Also, Mike’s stats would have been even greater than what they were. He won 10 scoring titles. That would have easily been twelve.

Mike played 13 years as a Bulls player, and that was the only team he went to the playoffs with. Lebron has been in the league for 17 years, and he is just breaking those Jordan playoff totals. It took him 17 years to do something that mike did in 13 years. Mike won 6 titles in 13 years. He was a champion for six of the 13 years he was with the Bulls. Lebron has won 3 titles in the 17 years he has been in the league, all while setting up the teams the way that he wanted them to be.

Lebron is not an equal