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Topic subjectFor the record...I still think we beat Houston w/Jordan
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2720933, For the record...I still think we beat Houston w/Jordan
Posted by auragin_boi, Mon Sep-21-20 04:21 PM
Bulls went 7 with the knicks and should have won (would have with MJ) then the knicks blew it against the Rox (Had a 3-2 lead and Ewing blew a layup when he should have dunked).

I think the Bulls beat the Rockets in 6 games. Now, in 1995, all bets were off. Dream was on another level and I'm not sure what the Bulls would have looked like because Horace left for Orlando (so he would have had to stay).

1995 would have been the year I would have been worried about.

But Jordan quit. So we'll never know.

Even if the bulls make the finals after his baseball stint, wouldn't have been the same. He wasn't ready to play hoops on that level and teams had been prepping for playoff basketball. He would have been better served just coming back that summer and getting ready for 96 but Mike thought "I'm the Goat. I can just come back and dominate".

So now we have to hear people bring up the 'Orlando' series like the Magic were anywhere near good enough to beat them.