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Posted by Vex_id, Mon Sep-21-20 04:01 PM
Powerful posting.

The selective nit-picking is egregious. When someone (like all stah) criticizes LeBron on *everything* - but paints other greats with Utopian shades - you already know the agenda at play lol.

There are pros & cons for both of them, indeed.

Re: Jordan - it is interesting how little the Houston Rockets are talked about with regards to his legacy. They were by far the best team of that era that Jordan would've ever faced, and we would've seen it if Jordan didn't lose to the Magic en route to the Finals (something else that is often left out of the discussion) - but that Rockets back-to-back squad was the real deal, and Jordan conveniently dipped out just in time to avoid that juggernaut of a team.

Also, people rarely acknowledge how great that Bulls team was even without MJ. Pippen was a top 3 MVP candidate when Jordan quit the first go-around, and the Bulls were a blown call away from being right back in the Conference/Finals mix. In fact, they won essentially the exact same amount of games after Jordan left - virtually no dropoff. When Bron left Cleveland (twice) and Miami - they were in the lottery. LeBron often had to carry a much heavier load.

Again - this isn't to take anything away from Jordan as being regarded the GOAT - he's up there for me as one of the 3 with a claim to that title - but if we're going to talk about Bron's cons (and he certainly has his as well) - let's at least have a robust, all-encompassing discussion and not act like any of these GOATS are without flaw.