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Topic subjectIt's time man...he's 35 and doing this
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2720923, It's time man...he's 35 and doing this
Posted by auragin_boi, Mon Sep-21-20 03:40 PM
I was watching him against the Rockets marveling at how he's still this good with minimal signs of drop off.

Jordan won his last ring at 35 but I could see the slippage that year. He was still Goaty, but I saw time catching up with him. Thought he had maybe 1 more run in him before someone either dethroned him or showed him his time was coming to an end.

Shaq would have been that guy had Jordan kept playing from 1999 through let's say 2001. Hell, Reggie might have knocked him off at some point.

That 7 game series in 1998 was the first time I actually thought they might lose before the finals during both runs.

LeBron isn't the 29yr old version of himself but the guy I'm looking at could probably play 3 more seasons at just this level. That's amazing to me.