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Topic subjectFeel how you feel...your opinions on hoops are a lil unorthodox to me
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2720916, Feel how you feel...your opinions on hoops are a lil unorthodox to me
Posted by auragin_boi, Mon Sep-21-20 03:25 PM
So I don't see us agreeing.

But for every pro for Mike, there's a pro for LeBron. For every con for Mike, there's a con for LeBron.

You just said it yourself. Michael Jordan quit...twice. That's his fault and his fault alone. Nobody elses. At least LeBron showed up for it all.

Mike let Dream throw shade on his legacy by giving people the eternal question of 'would the bulls have beaten the rockets?'

On top of that, we can't say 8 in a row because we don't know if the personnel decisions would have been the same had Jordan stayed. I think 4-5 in a row would have been a given. Or maybe they split with Houston, are forced to make changes and then run off another 3. Don't know, didn't happen, Jordan's fault.

I think, if Krause had been committed to riding it until the wheels fell off and just kept trying to improve the team (which he had something other GM's didn't have...his superstar willing to take 3 mil a yr so they could spend money elsewhere to improve the team) then 8 in a row...maybe even 9 because I would have picked them in the lockout year against the spurs too...would have been possible.

Kareem was 5-4 in the finals. BUT HE WENT 9 TIMES and played in the first golden age of hoops.

LeBron could go to the finals 11-12 times in an 20yr career. There are teams that haven't been to the finals since the 70's man and with this guy you'd be guaranteed 50/50+ shot at it...just be a competent GM.

Stats, longevity at his peak, titles, ability...yup, he has a legacy that can compete with anyones, even Jordan and Kareem.


>And Jordan would have had 8 straight titles had he not
>stepped away for 2 years to play baseball. Totally out of
>basketball shape, with a baseball body, still took the bulls
>to the playoffs.
>So 9 title appearances, jumping from team to team, and losing
>6 of those appearances is not as big or even close to a player
>who won 6 titles and would have won 8 straight.....and two 3
>But he is close to the throne?
>Actually, the longer lebron plays the greater Michael becomes
>....but of Michael’s accomplishments in a shorter time
>spans, while also missing 2 years of basketball in his