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2720915, Much respect.
Posted by Vex_id, Mon Sep-21-20 03:22 PM
That was a dope read. Really well-reasoned, too. This is such an important point to me when it comes to this discussion:

>I will no longer argue with anyone who says "LeBron James is
>the greatest player of all time". Because, as with Kareem,
>it's not an incorrect statement. I can only state the case
>for my guy and there will be W's and L's in that convo for all
>3 so to me, it's an eternal stalemate.

The way you've outlined this GOAT conversation is perfect IMO. I also have Jordan, Kang & Kareem as interchangeable GOATS - whereby I concur that there really is no incorrect ranking of the aforementioned as there are viable objective arguments for all 3 of them.

Also - props to changing your perspective on this as the data has poured in over the years. That's the sign of a real analyst and somebody who's not stuck in a particular narrative 'til death do us part.

I've long contended (since 2009) that LeBron would end up in the current category he's in (as regarded as one of the few in the game's history to have a legitimate claim to the GOAT throne) - but I realize my contention was one that could only be vindicated through time, given its origin as one of prophecy as opposed to the predominate view at that time (which was hyberbolic/negative).

But I also share in your experiences with Kobe. I wasn't a fan initially - but I grew to appreciate his greatness as time went on - and certainly after he did his thing after being in the shadow of Shaq for those first 3 'chips. I was also persuaded by the data and his undeniable contributions to the game.

There's far too much rigidity with sports analysis these days - to where "analysts" just cling to dogma until the very bitter end.

And what a bitter end it is for those still insisting that LeBron James does not belong in the GOAT discussion.