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Topic subjectVex...from the house of Sir Cheesy E. Jordan
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2720838, Vex...from the house of Sir Cheesy E. Jordan
Posted by auragin_boi, Mon Sep-21-20 09:13 AM
I tip a cap to Sir LeBronius "Chosen One" Jamesiticus.

As with Sir Kobeian "81" Bryantus in that latter of his career, I began to appreciate their growth, maturity and body of work. I was once a Kobe hater and became a Kobe fan by the time he was winning his last two titles.

I started as a LeBron fan, was embarrassed by the "I wish LeBron had some help" post, gave some tough love in the bumpy parts of his journey due to it and have come full circle in my appreciation of the man's game and body of work.

I will no longer argue with anyone who says "LeBron James is the greatest player of all time". Because, as with Kareem, it's not an incorrect statement. I can only state the case for my guy and there will be W's and L's in that convo for all 3 so to me, it's an eternal stalemate.

-Kareem has the greatest body of work, HS through NBA.
-Jordan is the smallest of the GOAT candidates and has an impeccable record in the brightest moments/at the mountain top, in a game that was designed for bigger men.
-LeBron has been the most complete physical specimen the league has seen since Wilt yet he's done more with his skills than Wilt and has a wider variety of skills. His longevity and maintenance of his prime ability has surpassed what most have done and he's done it against great competition in the second golden age of the NBA IMO.

Kareem has the best front to back career.
Jordan has 6-0, 72-10.
LeBron has 9 in a row and 4-3 over 73-9.

He ain't my #1, but for the first time in my lifetime, someone other than Jordan could be. I've always said, 2 more rings and it's a wrap. Right now, he's easily my 1b next to Jordan. He gets this yr and 1 more out of these Lakers (VERY possible) and I'll let him have my personal throne.