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Topic subjectExactly. And it's not just the longevity...
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2720567, Exactly. And it's not just the longevity...
Posted by Vex_id, Thu Sep-17-20 08:48 PM
A lot of HOFers have been able to compete for a long time (Vince Carter, Karl Malone etc..) - but nobody has ever been this great for this long - even Kareem.

No other player in the game's history was *this* dominant this late in their career. It's not just that Bron is still one of the best in the game - and that's he's still actually the very best in the game playing at a legitimately MVP-level.

You see other guys try to match Bron's RPM and sustained peak elitism - and they just can't do it.

The Warriors dynasty went to 4/5 Finals in consecutive years - and literally all of those stars broke down. Steph? Broke down with injuries, couldn't maintain peak form. Klay? Tore an ACL, could't sustain. KD? Achilles - out for 18 months.

Bron? 8 straight NBA Finals w/ unprecedented mileage/usage (and is once again deep into playoffs for yet another Conference/Finals run) - and is *still* as dominant as ever, in year 17.

We even saw how Wade, Bosh, Love & Kyrie physically broke down trying to keep up w/ the pace that Bron sets.

The Iron-Man standard being set is unreal.