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Topic subjectCould be worse.
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2720534, Could be worse.
Posted by Ryan M, Thu Sep-17-20 06:24 PM
>And to see lakers fans in here after dissing that nigga for
>most of his career
>because people put him ahead of Kobe.
>You gotta see that nigga’s jersey in the rafters next to
> So I guess it is Lebron over Kobe ..lol

We COULD be cysing a franchise that hasn't done shit since Luca Doncic was -1 years old.

We COULD be reliving the only time our franchise meant anything with an ESPN documentary.

We COULD be one of those people who never goes, "You know, I had this wrong about Lebron for awhile...I'm good now".

We COULD have been propping up a guy who isn't Michael Jordan to be the next Michael Jordan and when he got his own team like Michael Jordan he went out decidedly like....not Michael Jordan.

But sure. Go ahead and talk that talk, I guess.