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Topic subjectRE: Wrestle Kingdom thoughts?
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2729329, RE: Wrestle Kingdom thoughts?
Posted by jimaveli, Wed Jan-06-21 11:06 PM
I'll get to the big matches at least eventually. Been working a bit more than I want this week. I just saw that Snoop did a splash on AEW. Ridiculous!

>The age of Ibushi is here. Is there a better babyface on the
>planet? His facial expressions completely wrap me up in the
>story. When he finally realized he had defeated Naito his face
>was priceless. White being on the opposite end of that a day
>later was great too. I enjoyed both matches and Kota deserved
>his crowning moment.
>A couple really good shows that fixed some of the hiccups of
>2020. The lineups weren’t as thin as I had feared, but there
>was definitely some fat that coulda been trimmed though. I
>don’t see the appeal of Great O Khan. That’s a waste of a
>Tanahashi match imo, especially when guys like Suzuki and
>Ishii aren’t on the card.
>Some highlights:
>Big fan of both junior heavyweight singles matches. Hiromu is
>always very entertaining and I hope he and Phantasmo continue
>to feud.
>Shingo-Cobb was awesome
>I may be the only one, but I love this goofy ass KOPW shit. It
>was a mess as always, but it’s a perfect use for Toru Yano.