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Topic subjectMickie damn James
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2729225, Mickie damn James
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Jan-05-21 12:26 AM
I’ve always been all in but for her to be holding up like she is now is real good. And she tore an acl 2 years ago. Crazy.

>The fall season is right here and we have some big cards
>coming up starting with All Out on September 5th. In NJPW we
>have the G1 Climax Tournament that's starting later than usual
>this year and is always a banger. WWE we have Survivor Series
>which I'm sure will be another mix between Raw, Smackdown, and
>NXT. Even though Wrestle Kingdom is right after the new year
>(January 4th) that always feels like an end of the year show.
>Any predictions?
>Who's the best performer so far this year?
>Best storyline in wrestleing?
>Anyone due for a title shot?
>Trying to build a watch along group for most shows. We
>already do AEW every Wednesday and all the PPVS. As always
>the link is https://s.kast.live/g/8lf7lrmxzl and we'll be
>kicking off with the All Out PPV this weekend