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Topic subjectBruce Mitchell says Jon died of COVID, gets future endeavored
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2728803, Bruce Mitchell says Jon died of COVID, gets future endeavored
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Dec-30-20 06:39 PM

I liked Bruce from a podcast standpoint, particularly since he often provided a progressive view. Sometimes, as a progressive humanist myself, I thought some of those views were flawed or off base, but generally speaking he came from a good place.

He had no such standing in his Torch article. There was no justification for what he did, and what he did in my view was a gross act of journalistic negligence.
Because I liked Bruce, I checked his twitter to see if he would recent. He did not, and was on fact without an ounce of contrition, in his words standing by every word of what he said.

Because I'm a big fan of Wade's journalistic approach to the industry, and a long time subscriber, I checked the Torch for further commentary on this. 

Unfortunately, as someone who liked Bruce, and fortunately, as someone who likes Wade and the Torch, Wade made the doubtless difficult decision to part ways with a long time contributor and friend.

Good on Wade. To the cynics, I don't see this as a CYA move either.

This is consistent with what I've come to see as a high standard of journalism from Wade Keller. There's a reason you never hear him dragged the way Meltzer does. Not throwing him a parade either, because this was the clear move, but it was no doubt a difficult decision for him.