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Topic subjectI won't front, I really liked the Brodie Lee character
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2728576, I won't front, I really liked the Brodie Lee character
Posted by mrhood75, Sun Dec-27-20 07:05 PM
He certainly wasn't the first attempt by another company to mock Vince, but I thought he did a great job with it. He ended up being one of my favorite things in the ring this year. Him squashing Cody and beating the shit out of his entire stable/family was great TV and was a good move to take him to the next level. His sequent chain match with Cody was also really good. And he could funny as hell while doing the character. Him mocking Cody and "that godforsaken neck tattoo" was one of the most hilarious things I heard all year.

Yeah, the Dark Order angle was so-so lately, but it seemed like they were setting something up for it to be pretty big again. I figured like they were getting ready to bring Brodie and furious at what the Dark Order had become. Then split the group with Silver, Reynolds, and Colt Cabana going with Hangman Page, and the rest staying with Lee. That would have been good. And now it'll never happen.