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2727392, RE: R.I.P. Pat Patterson
Posted by jimaveli, Fri Dec-11-20 09:06 AM
>Loss of an absolute legend. First IC champion. Wrestler,
>announcer, ref, booker. Best finish man in the game. Came up
>with the Royal Rumble. Helped developed The Rock and too many
>other talented workers to name. By all accounts, a brilliant
>mind and class act.

Yep. Pat is one of those dudes. And folks need to understand how damn important having good match agents is. Wwe has a problem right now with too many of their matches being built on the same engine. But the alternative is the loosey goosey shit that most of us here don’t love about AEW, so there needs to be a compromise.

To me, NXT is about the best right now because they aren’t scared to do a clean enough finish where a badass wrestler just fucks up in some way then loses. Or think about how Kross was going around just smooth murking folks. Didn’t matter who. Didn’t matter how many big matches someone had been in or won. Fuck with Kross, get tooken out.

Nxt has been good at this almost their whole main history. Like start at Bo Dallas and go to now. Lots of folks just having good ass matches, telling good/pure rasslin stories, and then the finish is what it is. I’m partial to the Sami era but that’s just me. I love a good clean face. No sarcastic coolness. No antihero badass castrating the heels. Just a good dude trying to do the right thing and even win the right way. But no dummy and no bitch either. Love it. Seeing him fade into a broken Bret Hart mark for yourself heel is lowkey an amazing storyline still if you ask me.