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Topic subjectRE: ive never watched Impact/TNA before today
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2727263, RE: ive never watched Impact/TNA before today
Posted by jimaveli, Wed Dec-09-20 11:23 AM
>and this shit is wildly oscillating between matches that are
>rather good (finishes in particular) and invisible camera
>skits that are just fucking atrocious
>someone got caught flush with a clothesline and it actually
>turned into a pin. another ended with one piledriver, and
>another with a single springboard 450 splash off the rope.
>that was by far the highest spot of the whole show. every
>single match made sense.
>the acting though, it would be mild to call it putrid. not
>one segment added anything to the show, and im pretty sure i
>heard someone say something about attempted murder? just
>terrible all the way around.

I dropped out of TNA around the time Matt Hardy left. They've had a lot of changes since then. My understanding is that the wrestling is usually decent but everything else varies wildly. They basically had all of Lucha Underground with them for a while so that was probably more good rasslin.

But I'm at the point now where I'm more apt to watch a rasslin documentary or interview than to watch 2 or 3 weekly shows of the same company back to back. I think I've seen every trick a wrestling show can pull and I just want to see a good match or two every now and then. Maybe it's just 2020 and I don't have enough energy to take in fake dramatics? Or maybe the shows are so doggone inefficient at getting to the point that I can't seem to make it 'feel like' its 'worth my time'? I don't know.