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Topic subjectWar Games did not disappoint
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2727073, War Games did not disappoint
Posted by pretentious username, Mon Dec-07-20 05:13 PM
Only complaint is they still haven't figured out the camera work in the War Games matches. Better than previous years, but the production booth was cutting to the wrong angle a few times and that was super annoying.

Both War Games matches were fire and had the opposite ending of what I thought would happen. Didn't mind the results though. I've been digging Raquel lately and she should make a good challenger for Shirai.

Maybe the Kings of NXT was just a temporary thing and McAfee is leaving? Again, didn't mind the result, it came across as a thank you to the Undisputed Era for all they've done. Also they would've been 1-3 in War Games had they lost and that feels wrong. Would've liked to see Dunne win/get the pin though to set him up as the next challenger for the NXT title.

I usually hate strap matches, but it worked here. I know a lot of people have disliked the Grimes/Loomis feud but I've been entertained the whole time.

Triple threat North American title match was pretty good although having a thousand people in the scream mask is lame. Would've been fine with any of those 3 winning really. Austin Theory referencing the "It was me, Austin" line had me howling.

Thatcher/Ciampa was good although it was tough to follow the women's war games match. Took a while for me to really get into it and would've preferred Thatcher winning. The way Thatcher looked at Ciampa after with kinda horror/respect had me thinking they're gonna team up coming out of this.