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Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu Dec-03-20 03:04 PM
You know, I said to my sister nefore the match, i hope Hobbs can work heel. well shit! he actually IS a fuckin heel. and good one! Team Taz is my shit. But with the arrival of the Stinger im feeling kinda conflicted.

>Matt's gum chewing, forced stuttery promos are the worst.

just...the worst lol. ive discovered that my biggest turnoff in wrestling is people acting like pro wrestlers. having watched maybe 10 hours total over the last 19 years before AEW, im shocked how commonplace it is now. either BE a pro wrestler or gtfoh plz.

>Not sure what Sting is gonna do but I'm not gonna be a
>miserable and pretend I hate nostalgia.

hes my all time favorite and ill freely admit that my viewing party all popped HOARD. almost as hard as Schiavone lmao