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Topic subjectit was terrible. the worst of both guys.
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2726786, it was terrible. the worst of both guys.
Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu Dec-03-20 09:35 AM
Moxley just can. not. have. a wrestling match.

and ive never seen Omega sell in an even mildly believable fashion

all the momentum on that show was already centered around Cody, Darby, Team Taz and now thats even hotter.

Sting shows up in the same segment as Ricky Starks and im supposed to invest in that main event?

lmao ok.

id rather watch Will Hobbs give Cody the finger while he pummels Darby Allen than literally anything Kenny Omega is even capable of.

and that Young Bucks promo. jesus christ. the absolute worst, and they should be honored to have gotten shit on by Max Castor.

in retrospect, this was all obvious. jack themselves off for a year doing fake jobs and then give themselves the belts. The YBs even go on Bleacher Report (with no disclaimer of their financial relationship) and talk about what an accomplishment it is to be champions.

you literally wrote it into a script. there is no grizzled old booker that you won over until your talent was undeniable and he made you "the guys". you booked it yourselves.

no wonder Cody has kept miles of distance away from their dumbass "storytelling".