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Topic subjectCornette is dead on about more money from fewer people
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2726294, Cornette is dead on about more money from fewer people
Posted by cgonz00cc, Fri Nov-27-20 10:09 AM
Terrible long term strategy to lean in to "exposing the business" and producing content only for people who pay for Wrestling Observer Live or something.

everything is geared towards "smart" fans and doing meta things and being self-referential. so rather than fill arenas with $20/35/50 tickets, Dynamite tickets were like $400 to sit in the front row. or they have their AEW Heels thing which for all of their community babbling, really is just about making $10 a month. and you know 95% of the paying audience subscribes to at least one wrestling patreon, probably at a high dollar amount to qualify for personal access to someone.

meanwhile, the live dynamites never drew more than 6200 fans after week 1, and a lot of people have been to more than 1. they may have sold out their allotment a few times, but theyve never sold out the building.

it will be interesting to see how they price future live dynamites when they are back in arenas. people will be itching to get out into the world, and they can either fill their arenas or raise their current prices even further for the same 4500 fans that were gonna be there regardless.