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Topic subjectpop culture at large agrees with you
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2726212, pop culture at large agrees with you
Posted by cgonz00cc, Wed Nov-25-20 11:23 AM
the more wink wink pantomime show it all is, the less people care. which makes sense bc if tumbling clowns were popular entertainment, there would more shows about tumbling clowns.

modern "performers" and the neck beards who enable them want it to be both ways. they demand that you know its fake to excuse their lack of ability to pretend otherwise, but then they also want convoluted storylines that their terrible acting cant prop up.

i enjoy AEW for the bits of really good stuff AND the laughing at bad stuff. but laughing at bad stuff is only interesting to smart fans who can ID why its bad. everyone else just sees a stupid TV show with terrible writing, piss poor acting, limp conflicts, and excessive auto-fellatio.

and for the record, i only talk about AEW because i literally cant finish a single ep of Monday Night Raw. possibly the single worst show on basic cable TV.