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Topic subjectthey screwed up chopping down Cage and Archer so quickly.
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2725829, they screwed up chopping down Cage and Archer so quickly.
Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu Nov-19-20 09:23 PM
no need to rush them into a title match just to turn around basically show us that they are just part of the same pack as everyone else.

they should have been kept away from Moxley for months after their debuts. also would have actually justified the resurrection of the FTW title.

so now Lance Archer beats up crew members and cant get a match with anyone that means something. using monster heels to legitimize your champion is great when there are 5-10 federations with TV and they can be moved around, not so great when you burn through the entire supply in 6 months. being MJFs lackey has saved Wardlow in that regard.