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Topic subjecti said this above, but treading water till crowds come is a mistake
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2725828, i said this above, but treading water till crowds come is a mistake
Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu Nov-19-20 09:05 PM

>Just to build off of this, I'm fine with "established"
>guyslike Moxley keeping the belt until the crowds come back.
>Obviously guys like Hangman, MJF, Jungle Boy, Sammy, and
>Starks are the future of the company (you can also see
>something in Hobbs and even Top Flight, even though they're
>still on the rough side), but running with them now, with
>little apparent crowd reaction would just be a waste. Like,
>whenever we do get through this thing, you put the belt on MJF
>and let him keep it for two years because he knows how to make
>the fans hate him. But for now, putting him in an angle with
>Jericho so he can pass the torch to him makes sense.

this is turning into a bad strategy for both companies. the crowds aint coming back in a time frame that will allow them to keep putting out "safe" TV until then. they need hotter TV more than ever. Jungle Boy is doing *nothing*. Thats just asinine. This is their chance to make STARS. They have minimal logistical concerns and can focus solely on compelling television. Unfortunately its exposing them. Its easy to get crowd pops when people are seeing their Youtube favorites for the first time, but there is another half year of telelvision at least before they leave Jax.

>Just noting that the Deeb vs. Thunderosa rematch tonight was
>great, especially after the Britt run-in.

Even then...it had no impact on the match and then the announcers were the ones that had to make it try to mean something. That should have led directly to the finish. And it was great...until run-in wasnt the finish. Everything after that, including the post-match, was wildly off the rails.

>I agree that I like the way they're handling this too.
>Hangman's eventually going to hit his rock-bottom, and rebound
>from there. We're still a ways from getting to that point

Here's my question...so what? Who honestly cares about him? NOT the performer, but Hangman. Fuck him lol. Hes been presented as a douche that you would *never* allow access to your life.

Adam Page the man tho...they had a little bit of magic with Cowboy Shit and now its gone.

>(I guessing it was Hangman who attacked Moxley tonight)

Why? To get back in the good graces of the group where 9 months ago the story was that he just had to leave? Thats the entirety of Adam Page's story? Hes spent the last year drinking and waffling on whether or not he wants to be a part of the Elite? Like...why should i care about that? Do you whatever you want bro, just stoo crying and punch someone, starting with FTR considering they lifted your skirt on national TV maybe?

>The Top Flight guys seem promising, though they're still
>pretty limited. The Acclaimed just got signed and they have a
>lot of upside. Lee Jordan deserves some more shine. And as
>CGonz said, a lot of the Black enhancement talent is really
>pretty good. I'm interested to see if TNT (D-Von's twin sons)
>pan out into something intereting.

The idea that Top Flight got put on TV before The Acclaimed is a picture perfect example of how poorly the Young Bucks understand anything other than choreographing spots. Max Castor has done more with a mic in his hand in the last 3 weeks than the Bucks have since the dawn of the company. THATs who needs to be on TV. Also again...there are rankings. Why are these randoms given a title shot?

Beyond that, so many interesting Black jabronis (and i say jabroni with a certain amount of endearment). I really need to know about BSHP KING and his tactical vest lmao. Is he a Special Forces vet? A street thug? Perhaps a crime fighting vigilante? I love his look and his work. Dark needs to carve out space for these people to talk.

>They really need to find something better for him to do.
>Chaining him to Kip Sabian was a shitty idea.

uh...yeah. not great. i actually liked Kip Sabian's bobby heenan wrestler/manager thing. obviously hes not the Brain, but i actually liked watching him bump around after trying to interfere in Penelope's matches.

>I actually blame this on Brodie Lee's ankle injury. They've
>been completely match since the chain match, which was the
>last time Lee was on TV. Before that, it seemed like they were
>onto something with them finding a way to slowly corrupt Colt
>Cabana, but that seems to have been dropped. I don't care
>about Anna Jay vs. Brandi and while super-hyper John Silver is
>entertaining, he's not supposed to be a centerpiece.

well why didnt he hobble his ass out there and get his heat back? i remember Macho Man on crutches on Nitro the night after DDP beat his ass, cutting a ruthless promo.

i want this to be good. but im starting to think it will never be consistently good until Tony Khan hands over the book to someone who understands the "why's". hes a prototype for modern fans who think that since they know its a work, and can remember all the hot angles and matches, they understand the psychology of it. he clearly doesnt. everything good in AEW has come from people who do, like Cody/MJF/Starks/SCU/Jericho, while the eponymous spot monkeys still cant deliver a good live promo 18 months in and have rewarded themselves for that with the most prestigious belts in either division. they also got *nobody* over even though im sure they think they spent the last year and a half making dudes. not one single wrestler can say they got over because of their program with the Bucks or Omega, mostly because their ideas of what "over" means is totally warped. you can either be ultra realistic or ultra charismatic to get over with pop American audiences. none of those no-selling derps is either of those things.

i shudder to think about what this show would look like without the influx of NWA talent. that was THE most important thing that happened to AEW this year, and they need to go ahead and put their belt one of those women. that needs to be a long term relationship. maybe even get E! LI! DRAKE! on the show. id pop hard for that lol.