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Topic subjectRE: the tournament itself was a problem for me
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2725798, RE: the tournament itself was a problem for me
Posted by dagu, Thu Nov-19-20 03:59 PM
>for one, the logic of having a tournament not based on their
>own rankings is silly. its like it was meant to fill a story
>hole. stakes can be story, but how did those people become
>the ones competing?

Couldn't agree with this more. This is a problem that WWE always has with qualifying matches that the rankings system really should be used to avoid. And there are ways to gimmick the story if you don't purely want to use rankings (especially since only the top five are actually ranked as far as the audience is aware). Have a top five MJF find a way to nominate Wardlow as his replacement. Likewise for Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana (if he absolutely must be in it). Fake some injuries. Something.