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Topic subjectthe tournament itself was a problem for me
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2725748, the tournament itself was a problem for me
Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu Nov-19-20 01:17 PM
for one, the logic of having a tournament not based on their own rankings is silly. its like it was meant to fill a story hole. stakes can be story, but how did those people become the ones competing?

second, if you're gonna gimmick the draw, plant seeds to grow down the road. why send Jungle Boy against Wardlow and Page against Cabana? Flip that around, and they had something. Give Jungle Boy a legitimizing kind of clean win vs Cabana, put Page thru an absolute WAR with Wardlow, and then youve got a clear ultra-face underdog against a favored, but obvi not full-strength Page, and then youve got something cooking.

it all comes back to them really needing a booker imo. someone from within the business as opposed to someone playing with his real life action figures.