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2725707, RE: here's a novel half-defending them
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Nov-19-20 02:17 AM

>I go back-and-forth on Mox, but his run as champ has served
>it's purpose: establish the legitimacy of the title. Jericho
>then Mox (then probably Kenny) makes sense as the first champs
>in the company. Now when someone newer (like Hangman)
>eventually wins the title it will mean that much more. I'm not
>a huge fan of the hardcore stuff, and lord knows AEW has had a
>few truly uncomfortable moments involving dangerous moves, but
>I thought Kingston/Mox was pretty compelling stuff even if it
>wasn't the highlight of the ppv.

Just to build off of this, I'm fine with "established" guyslike Moxley keeping the belt until the crowds come back. Obviously guys like Hangman, MJF, Jungle Boy, Sammy, and Starks are the future of the company (you can also see something in Hobbs and even Top Flight, even though they're still on the rough side), but running with them now, with little apparent crowd reaction would just be a waste. Like, whenever we do get through this thing, you put the belt on MJF and let him keep it for two years because he knows how to make the fans hate him. But for now, putting him in an angle with Jericho so he can pass the torch to him makes sense.

>I was catching up on New Japan during the buy-in, but I caught
>the end and it seemed solid.

Just noting that the Deeb vs. Thunderosa rematch tonight was great, especially after the Britt run-in.

>Agree to disagree on this one. I think they could've handled
>the post-breakup stuff a bit better, but overall the
>storytelling on this feud has been phenomenal ever since they
>won the titles and Hangman teased giving the buckshot lariat
>to Kenny. It's been one of the rare cases when wrestling does
>subtlety well. That interview where Kenny listed the Bucks as
>his favorite tag team and Hangman was surprised he didn't
>answer them replays in my mind a lot and makes me smile.

I agree that I like the way they're handling this too. Hangman's eventually going to hit his rock-bottom, and rebound from there. We're still a ways from getting to that point tho.

(I guessing it was Hangman who attacked Moxley tonight)

>There are some other clear issues here that they gotta solve
>in Year 2. The lack of Black stars is pretty noticeable but
>they're making strides with Hobbs, Scorpio, Private Party, and

The Top Flight guys seem promising, though they're still pretty limited. The Acclaimed just got signed and they have a lot of upside. Lee Jordan deserves some more shine. And as CGonz said, a lot of the Black enhancement talent is really pretty good. I'm interested to see if TNT (D-Von's twin sons) pan out into something intereting.

>The Miro gimmick is DOA

They really need to find something better for him to do. Chaining him to Kip Sabian was a shitty idea.

>and the Dark Order is super fucking corny again. Time to cut bait and
>repackage those mfers.

I actually blame this on Brodie Lee's ankle injury. They've been completely match since the chain match, which was the last time Lee was on TV. Before that, it seemed like they were onto something with them finding a way to slowly corrupt Colt Cabana, but that seems to have been dropped. I don't care about Anna Jay vs. Brandi and while super-hyper John Silver is entertaining, he's not supposed to be a centerpiece.