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Topic subjectRE: its more flashes of potential for me, but relly good ones
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2725612, RE: its more flashes of potential for me, but relly good ones
Posted by pretentious username, Wed Nov-18-20 08:33 PM

>this was the last interesting thing that happened imo. since
>then it kinda just failed to launch. their emotional angst
>seems more like story backdrop than story itself. betrayal is
>a story, redemption is a story, revenge is a story...for me
>personally, people pondering those things while they sulk is

but this is sorta the beginning of the real story, which is why this match was part of a tournament rather than big blowoff to a feud. that's in the future.

>im sorry but that was not good for me lmao. angsty, overly
>sensitive "babyfaces" with low self-esteem...thats a no for me
>dawg. this booking has not been kind to him in my eyes. the
>standing back in the shadows while the Bucks celebrated had me
>howling at the Degrassi-ness of it all.

Fair point for Hangman, although I look at it as him reflecting on his bad choices (drinking, trusting FTR, etc.) rather than specifically being emo about Kenny and the Bucks. I personally loved the fact that he was just in the background and they barely mentioned it though. Kenny is basically a heel at this point though, albeit not a dastardly one. I think the ridiculous entrances and needling Hangman with his "North Carolina" intros solidified that.

>you know its funny, the Black jabronis made a massive
>improvement to Dark post-pandemic. dudes like Shawn Dean (way
>better worker than either of PP imo), M'badu, Lee Johnson,

Sometimes I wish I watched Dark, but there just ain't enough time in the week lol. I don't even really watch WWE much these days and I still can't find the time. And now that there are like 12 matches a week it seems pretty daunting.