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Topic subjectAEW cant fill time with anything else
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2725196, AEW cant fill time with anything else
Posted by cgonz00cc, Fri Nov-13-20 12:48 PM
RAW in 1999 featured like 25 guys on a promo level that only Cody, Moxley, Starks and some retired dudes can match

ive been saying fewer matches and more talking since episode 3. and not Jericho's SNL nonsense either, they need guys to look into the camera on live TV and make me believe what they are saying.

but even without that, fewer matches for shorter times (not just 10 minutes of shit sprinted thru in 4 minutes) would do then so much better. they just dont want people to have losses on their records, but they need midcard dudes with 35% winning percentages to establish tiers. they have more than 40 wrestlers with winning percentages over 65%.

thats like 8 seeds in the NBA with 60 wins because the playoff teams played the bottom 10 82 times.

they really need a booker. and AEW has created a huge Eddie Gilbert sized hole in my heart. this would have been his fucking JAM, and if Tony Khan has half the wrestling brain he thinks he does Hot Stuff would be booking this show.