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Topic subjectThis is how NJPW started losing me too
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2725191, This is how NJPW started losing me too
Posted by Oak27, Fri Nov-13-20 11:40 AM
>I find that when I watch PPVs now, I don’t even pay
>attention until the match has gone 10+ minutes and the
>finisher kickouts have started. That formula is just so
>played and boring.

I love Okada with a passion and his title reign was spectacular. The matches were fantastic, but once the first Kenny Omega match got GOAT-level praise, it seemed like every title match went 30+ minutes.

It's the same reason why 2 out of 3 falls matches are lame, what's the point of caring until it's 1-1?

Going back and re-watching Attitude Era Raws is wild. They are 2-hour shows but with like 10+ matches packed in, none of which go any longer than 4-5 minutes. Just enough for each wrestler involved to get a signature move or taunt in to get their character over, and for an angle to get squeezed in (run in or whatever) to move a storyline along. Nowadays nearly all TV matches are the length PPV matches used to be, while that should be reserved to the "main event" of every hour.