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Topic subjectThere’s 2 obvious American stars there - Cody and MJF
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2725130, There’s 2 obvious American stars there - Cody and MJF
Posted by Tiger Woods, Wed Nov-11-20 10:37 AM
The Bucks can be fun, but it’s all so deliberately indie that it does get really hard to take them seriously as credible competitors a lot of times

In order for someone to be a top guy, a performer has to WANT to be a top guy. That focus and effort comes through in mic work, in matches, and nowadays even in how some on is portrayed away from the ring - social media for example. A lot of these guys who we think should be top guys don’t seem to really understand the focus that entails. Miro, Hangman, and especially Omega all look the part and should be major players over there. But they’re not , and what’s worse is that they don’t really seem to care that they’re not.

Moxley is and will always be a derivative performer for me. He’s an amalgam of all of the worst traits of a bygone era in wrestling...a post-Attitude embodiment of all the bad stuff we’ve forgotten from that time. We of course remember Austin vs Rock at Mania 17, we remember Triple H returning at MSG - big stars doing mostly mature big star shit. But we forget that in that same period of time backyard wrestling was a real thing, there was a hardcore title, and that ECW was more popular than it deserved to be. Moxley seems to wear his influences on his sleeve, and those influences all seem to be the shit I hate most about late 90s/early 2000s pro wrestling.

In general, a lot of the performers on the AEW show just aren’t TV ready. They lack presence, they don’t project largely enough, they can’t elevate the stakes of their matches organically.

It’s good to have an alternative. But there’s two obvious guys on the entire AEW roster who could main event in WWE and that’s Cody and MJF. Omega is the obvious diamond in the rough - he could be every bit as big as Reigns or Rollins if he wanted - but it seems he’d rather just have fast patched matches and play video games.

I thought this show was going to be cool. Most of these guys and girls are definitely not cool.