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Topic subjectAEW is losing me
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2725122, AEW is losing me
Posted by cgonz00cc, Wed Nov-11-20 01:21 AM
that was better than the last few PPV outings but a lot of it was confusing and dumb

FTR-Bucks...why is this seen as good? The Bucks are truly terrible, the finish was obvious with the dumb stipulation, the spike piledriver spot was dumb and required way too much cooperation, i have trouble accepting the YBs winning ANY physical combat scenario, Matt Jackson's selling is hilariously bad (OW THIS HURTS JUST KIDDING WATCH THIS OW THIS HURTS AGAIN), Nick hit some move and got caught checking whether the camera was on him when he was "emoting", and the finish was fucking stupid. What a waste of FTR. Comparing Cash Wheeler to either one of these assholes as either a performer or athlete is patently absurd.

Moxley title match, trading moves all over the arena, bunch of plunder, thumbtacks, all his indie hits played yet again.

the Serena Deeb-Allysin Kay match was really good, and in general the NWA women have made the AEW women look really amateurish.

Cody-Darby was great, and im glad Ricky Starks got a little screen time.

Orange Cassidy-John Silver was a perfectly acceptable second match, even tho Orange Cassidy is a syndicated rerun by now. Its the same thing over and over and over. Where does this guy go? Why is he getting shoved down my throat while Jungle Boy languishes?

The women's title match was okay, but again bereft of selling despite working an injury angle. Ref Aubrey's authority and enforcement of rules made Vickie's interference mean something. How about that? Funny how that works...

Page-Omega...also okay. The "story" they told is way over blown tho. Two emo dudes in a tag team broke up amicably, if not mutually. Then they had a match based around a tournament. One guy won the match. The other guy cried and sulked in the shadows. The end. Im not seeing the reason i was supposed to care about 2 unlikable assholes. Which sucks because I reeeeeally like Adam Page as a worker.

The cinematic match was way too much smart mark wankery. Would be embarrassed to have watched that with a potential casual fan.

Jericho-MJF had a cool finish, but I honestly dont remember anything about the rest of it.

this turned into a rant, but fuck. they need a real live booker. on the plus side...Jim Ross was on fire working to get this shit over, and continued to be a vocal avatar for normal people watching fuckery and thinking "Is there any security at all here"?

and why wasnt there a god damn live mic near the ring? oh thats right, because your namesake faction cant talk. at least good ol TK knows not to give Omega and the Bucks enough microphone cord to hang themselves.

jesus i wrote a novel. but fuck!