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Topic subjectThe Bucks vs Hangman/Omega match was ridiculous
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2725060, The Bucks vs Hangman/Omega match was ridiculous
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Nov-09-20 07:01 PM
>I think that was a fair criticism, and even though they pretty
>much put that to bed 3 years ago that argument is officially
>dead after this and the match with Omega & Hangman a few
>months back.

Definitely one of the absolute best tag matches I can think of in recent memory. It's hard to put together a match that tops that one, and you'd have to seriously tweak some of the ingredients.

You'd need to have the same quality work in-ring, with much bigger, better established superstar teams, with greater anticipation built up.

I realize that was an aside, but I love the hell out of that match, lol.

I didn't catch the PPV but if the FTR/YB match is comparable to the Omega/Hangman joint, I'll have to check it out.