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Topic subjectYeah that was a weird booking decision, BUT
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2725059, Yeah that was a weird booking decision, BUT
Posted by Paps_Smear, Mon Nov-09-20 06:44 PM
In a way, and maybe this is me giving them too much credit, I can see how it would work.

Peep this

Jay White only has to wrestle once, on the 5th. He has the briefcase so he'll be the freshest wrestler in that title match. Naito and Ibushi face each other on the 4th. No matter who wins that match they're in no way going to be fresh for the 5th. The winner will be battered to hell. Jay White holding the briefcase means he has a serious advantage on the last night of Wrestle Kingdom.

At least this is what I told myself. This time the briefcase is like entering at number 30 for the rumble.