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Topic subjectLooks like they took the easy way out for the WK main event
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2725040, Looks like they took the easy way out for the WK main event
Posted by pretentious username, Mon Nov-09-20 02:34 PM
The natural thing to do would be have Naito vs. Ibushi for the Intercontinental Title on the 4th and Naito vs. White for the Heavyweight Title on the 5th. Instead they chose to do Naito vs. Ibushi for the double belts on the 4th, with the winner taking on White for both belts on the 5th.

On the plus side, it makes WK entirely unpredictable. I give it even odds to all 3 of them to end up with the belts. But on the negative side, this renders the briefcase loss obsolete. Kinda dumb for such a historic change.

Also, what are they gonna do with Tana at WK? Maybe because they're not getting Moxley in January they decided to keep that briefcase with a heel. Or maybe they just didn't want to switch 2 briefcases in one night. That would've felt weird, and I certainly won't complain about a Kenta/Mox matchup, but I was still surprised at how clean Tana's loss was here. With all the losing he's been doing the last couple years I have to wonder how close to retirement he is.