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2724630, Barnburner status
Posted by pretentious username, Thu Oct-29-20 01:42 PM
>It was probably the best match on Dynamite since the parking
>lot brawl. Penta and Omega went pretty crazy, and it advanced
>the "Omega going heel" storyline. I really hope that they
>don't break up the Lucha Bros. as well. But that seems to be
>the long game.

That destroyer on the ramp... holy shit. I screeched. I’m hoping the Lucha Bros don’t do a “break up” angle, but maybe go separate ways for a bit so they can each have a singles run. 3 things have become pretty clear:

1) AEW doesn’t know what to do with them as a team. They haven’t had any real storylines and have bounced around with different alliances (partially just an issue with getting PAC into the country during COVID).

2) Up until this tournament they haven’t shined as singles wrestlers when they absolutely can. These are main event guys that haven’t been tapped into (which is a good thing as the other main event guys have already been used).

3) Pentagon is a natural heel and Fenix is a natural face. As great as they are at tag team wrestling, the dynamics don’t make a lot of sense.