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Topic subjectWell, that certainly wasn't a squash
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2724614, Well, that certainly wasn't a squash
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Oct-29-20 02:48 AM
It was probably the best match on Dynamite since the parking lot brawl. Penta and Omega went pretty crazy, and it advanced the "Omega going heel" storyline. I really hope that they don't break up the Lucha Bros. as well. But that seems to be the long game.

>>Overall, I thought it was a really good episode overall.
>>hoping for a long slow build with Jericho and MJF.
>same. if they don't rush this shit we're in for months of
>amazing segments.

Going good so far. I honestly don't know if they have MJF or Jericho win, but I'm guessing MJF somehow ends up in the Inner Circle and slowly takes it away from Jericho, leading to his face turn.