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Topic subjectTonight's Dynamite was great. Best episode in weeks
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2720463, Tonight's Dynamite was great. Best episode in weeks
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Sep-16-20 11:45 PM
Opening match between FTR and Jurassic Express was thoroughly enjoyable. Made Jungle Boy look even better than usual.

Page vs. Kazarian was also really good as well. Love how they're still slow-playing this angle.

MJF winning in 10 seconds then getting off another awesome promo worked. I wonder if they're really going to bring in a new "stable" or use this as a reason to talk shit about every faction in the company.

Eddie Kingston and crew's beatdown was fun. And Eddie talking shit while it was going on is hilarious. I want more of these cats.

Jericho/Hager vs. Private Party and Thunder Rose vs. Ivelese weren't earth shattering but they had perfectly good action, especially the former.

I can get behind what's largely a Hoss Fight for the six-man tag next week. And I can really get behind the beginning of this Hobbs semi-push (Yay Area!)

And Best Friends vs. Santana & Ortiz was phenomenal. I know some of y'all don't dig Best Friends, but I was all in on this. And Santana & Ortiz rocking the Dead Presidents face paint was the hardest shit ever. Just a fucking brutal match. And the end, from popping the trunk to Trent's Mom picking them up in the mini-van and flipping them off as they rode off into the sunset was perfect.

Only weak link is the Miro/Rusev stuff.

Looks like they're doing two broadcasts next week. Probably testing it out to see if it can work in the future.