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Topic subjectMiro's intro was weak
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2720444, Miro's intro was weak
Posted by pretentious username, Wed Sep-16-20 05:59 PM
>That was a nice surprise when he came out during the whole
>Kip marriage angle. Interested in what they have in store for

I don't see any reason for him to pal around with Kip Sabian unless Kip is immediately gonna say some shit that offends Miro and he throws him in the accolade. And what tf was the bit with 2 people thinking they were his best man? God that did not land.

Also pretty sick of the "this is a vague reference to why I hated WWE" even if it was just a couple lines. Would've been more tolerable if the whole thing was put together better. His appeal is that he's funny AND he's a badass. We didn't see either of those things.

>Also, the A and B blocks have been announced for the G1 this
>year. As always I have no idea who is taking this thing.

Still got Jay White this year, but it'll be interesting to see how it shakes out. No more showcase tags before the tournament matches. I rarely watch those anyway so it's no loss for me.