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Topic subjectI enjoyed it quite a bit
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2719336, I enjoyed it quite a bit
Posted by mrhood75, Sun Sep-06-20 01:37 AM
The bad: Britt vs. Swole should have stayed on the pre-show. Guevara vs. Hardy should have been ended or delayed, as Hardy probably couldn't have told you his own name after that bump. That match will probably never get mentioned again.

The okay:

The battle royale was messy as fuck and it was always clear Archer was going to win, but it had some good spots. It lets them continue Sparks vs. Allin, Kage vs. Archer for a little while, LAX vs. Best Friends (which I actually like), and even Hager vs. Sonny Kiss. They're going to have to establish Sydal as a bad-ass again after he falls in his fucking head the first time out.

Orange Cassidy vs. Jericho was slow, but I certainly smiled like shit when Cassidy won. Jericho is so fricking over that him losing the blow-off isn't going to hurt him.

And, yeah, the Dark Order vs. Dustin and crew was probably a Dynamite match, but Dustin winning was a feel good moment, and it further advances Cabana/Lee storyline. I'm okay if they milk for a while longer, where they keep trying to corrupt Colt, until he snaps.

The good: Young Guns vs. Jurassic Express, he women's title match, FTR winning, and Moxley vs. MJF were all money. Young Guns going heel again works, Page didn't end up looking weak, and MJF stays over even with the loss, as he'll have more shit to gripe about on Wednesday.

So, for me, thumbs solidly up.